• Avengers #354 (1963 1st Series)

Condition: FN

"The Conqueror Worm" Part 3 of 3.

Script by Len Kaminski.

Pencils by M.C. Wyman.

Inks by Alexandrov and Ariane.

Cover by M.C. Wyman and Tom Palmer.

In the catacombs beneath the Grim Reaper's castle, the Avengers clash with the Legion of the Unliving! Hercules vs. Count Nefaria! The Black Knight vs. Baron Zemo! The Vision vs. Necrodamus! Crystal vs. Inferno! And Sersi vs. Nebulon! Earth's Mightiest Heroes fight valiantly against their departed foes, but make little progress! Ca  32 pages  

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Avengers #354 (1963 1st Series)

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